Dog Training

Proekpaidefsi dog Proekpaidefsi dog
An individual meeting where you know the puppy and give you guidance / advice on the upbringing, socialization and basic rules of conduct of puppies. (Customary for puppies from 2 to 8 months)
Correcting problem behavior... Correcting problem behavior dog
Individual meetings which will help you solve your problems caused by the behavior of your dog (besmirchment, aggression, intense barking, etc.)
Mini education of... Mini education of conduct (for dogs light)
The dog learns to behave properly, to have good ways to form a pleasant companion for owners.
Basic obedience training... Basic obedience training
Learn the basic dog parangelmata for use throughout the lifetime of the fundamental communication between your code:
Keeping people and... Keeping people and places
Storage: Area and Musketeers. We learn to use the dog
Basic Obedience Refusal... Basic Obedience Refusal of food
Basic Obedience
Training activities Training activities
Research articles, tracking, detection of substances (drugs, explosives), Search and Rescue people, Help for people with disabilities, etc. Duration and value: Following
Groups Seminars Training... Groups Seminars Training outside Attica
Now that you can live in any area outside Athens, to take advantage of our new services. Two new education services you can choose, depending on your needs and your time.
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