English spaniel Koker (English Cocker Spaniel)
This is a very beloved race around the world, combining good character, beautiful appearance and personality and intelligence. It is a pleasant companion.

English spaniel Koker...

Dog Character
Dog Height:3
Good with childrens:5
Good with other pets:5
Good for guard:1
Needs for run:5
Needs for care:3
Can live on apartment:4
Needs for space:4

Μέγεθος αρσενικού από 39 έως 41 cm
Μέγεθος θυλικού από 38 έως 39 cm
Διάρκεια ζωής από 12 έως 15 χρόνια
Βάρος αρσενικού από 14.0 έως 17.0 κιλά
Βάρος θυλικού από 12.0 έως 15.0 κιλά

Additional names dog: Koker English spaniel, English Cocker Spaniel.

Features colors: Various colors. The white monochrome allowed only in the chest.

Type: Hound, pet.

Character: Happy, athletic, strong, kind and dedicated to the owner.

Hair: Straight, silk and not very fluffy.

Requirements: Daily brushing of the coat and often working toilet, a good cleaning in the eye and daily exercise and games.

It is suitable for: Hunting on land and water, to dispose of and to bring items companionship.

From the old koker spaniel used in hunting and do well both on land and in water of love.
Officially recognized in the 19th century with some changes in the appearance of the original breed. Today is a very good partner and maintains and hunting skills.

This is a beloved pet that only love and affection gives. These go well with everyone and is not at all aggressive but friendly and happy.
It is intelligent, lively and playful. It can be adapted to the department, but needs space to attempt to relieve the energy of all.
It needs human companionship and want to feel that is a member of the family.



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