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Small puppies (<10 kg)

Mikrosomo German Spitz (German Spitz mini)
Mikrosomo German Spitz... Mikrosomo German Spitz... 
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Mikrosomo German Spitz (German Spitz mini)

It is loyal, smart, obedient and lively companion and guardian.
It is aggressive behavior to other dogs and strangers, and do not go particularly well with young children.

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Genealogical Map - Pedigree

Because all the puppies are genuine morphological can be accompanied by their pedigree map, pedigree enough to require both the ordering ...
Genealogical Map - Pedigree

Dog Character
Dog Height:1
Good with childrens:2
Good with other pets:2
Good for guard:4
Needs for run:3
Needs for care:4
Can live on apartment:4
Needs for space:3

Μέγεθος αρσενικού από 23 έως 29 cm
Μέγεθος θυλικού από 23 έως 29 cm
Διάρκεια ζωής μέχρι 16 χρόνια
Βάρος αρσενικού από 5.0 έως 8.0 κιλά
Βάρος θυλικού από 5.0 έως 8.0 κιλά

Additional names dog: Mikrosomo German Spitz, German Spitz mini, Deutscher Spitz, German Spitz Klein.

Features colors: Black, brown, white, orange and gray.

Type: Pet and guardian.

Character: Smart, loyal, obedient, lively, independent.

Hair: The hair has two layers. The instruments are short and thick and the outside long, rich and straight. It is one of the dogs who fleece the sting.

Requirements: The hair is the daily care.

It is suitable for: Storage and companionship.

It is a descendant of: Peat Dogs (Torfhund), Canis familiaris palustris R

There are, depending on the size of the following items: 1. Wolfspitz / keeshond (49 cm, Gray color), 2. Giant (46 cm, black / white / brown), 3. Medium-sized Spitz (34 cm, black / brown / white / orange / gray), 4. Miniature (26 cm, black / brown / white / orange / gray / allachromata), 5. Toy spitz / Pomeranian (20cm, black / brown / white / orange / gray / other colors).

It is a lively dog who gavgizei too. This is good for you warns of foreign invasion in your house but may create problems with neighbors if staying in an apartment.

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