Very Large Dogs (40 kg)

Rotvailer (Rottweiler) Rotvailer (Rottweiler)
It is a polite and smart dog. Still, serious with courage and confidence will do everything to protect you. But we must take the proper training to be able to master the aggressive nature and to do a good partner.
St. Bernard (Saint... St. Bernard (Saint Bernard)
Bull Mastif (Bull... Bull Mastif (Bull Mastiff)
Newfoundland (Newfoundland) Newfoundland (Newfoundland)
Great Dane -... Great Dane - harlequin (Great Dane Harlequin)
Cane Corso Cane Corso
Very smart, active and loyal and affectionate with the family, is considered one of the best guards.
Dog de Bordeaux... Dog de Bordeaux (Dogue de Bordeaux)
Dog Artzentino -... Dog Artzentino - Mastif Argentinean (Argentine Dogo)
Mastif English (English... Mastif English (English Mastiff)
Great Dane -... Great Dane - Black - Molossus (Great Dane Black)
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