Puppies, puppies

Bison Frize (Bichon... Bison Frize (Bichon Fris
It's a doggie jewelry. Small cute and certainly a very good choice for your partner and children. We need this dog is good in hair care for health reasons and the vanity.
Chihuahua (Chihuahua) Chihuahua (Chihuahua)
It is the smallest dog breed in the world. A dog with a strong personality and a lot of energy which is preferably many surnames.
Japanese Tsin (Japanese... Japanese Tsin (Japanese Chin)
It is a dog with aristocratic appearance and it is no coincidence that long
Maltese (Maltese) Maltese (Maltese)
Good, faithful, gentle, friendly, dedicated, lively and playful in
Peke (Pekingese) Peke (Pekingese)
The peke is very tender with the boss while being brave, militant and very loyal dog. It is ideal for a dog in the department and the needs for sports is not so large, only gavgizei enough.
Pintser (Pinscher) Pintser (Pinscher)
This is a faithful, active, hyperactive and always alert dog. He wants to koinonikopoiithei from small, both with dogs and other people to make a good companion. It is smart and easily trained, but is not to live in a block and a ...
Pomeranian (Pomeranian) Pomeranian (Pomeranian)
It belongs to the family of German Spitz and is the smallest member. Faithful and loyal, happy, intelligent, independent company is ideal for families, children and elderly megalyeris age.
White Kanis puny... White Kanis puny (Caniche White Toy)
It is cute, smart, nice, pleasant and active dog. It is dog
Giorksair Terie (Yorkshire... Giorksair Terie (Yorkshire Terrier)
This is a jewel dog, a dog for lounges. Small, smart, beautiful, independent. Obviously it is a pet dog in recent years is the most popular pets.
Terie Jack Russell... Terie Jack Russell (Jack Russell Terrier)
A pet dog that loves adventure, games and children. It is a happy, luscious and smart dog who would love immediately.
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