Ntoperman (Doberman)
It is an elegant dog, proud, intelligent and classy. Storage and partner needs an experienced owner to be imposed. Large and active as a spacious yard is needed to live.

Ntoperman (Doberman)

Dog Character
Dog Height:4
Good with childrens:4
Good with other pets:4
Good for guard:5
Needs for run:5
Needs for care:2
Can live on apartment:2
Needs for space:5

Μέγεθος αρσενικού από 66 έως 71 cm
Μέγεθος θυλικού από 61 έως 66 cm
Διάρκεια ζωής από 10 έως 15 χρόνια
Βάρος αρσενικού μέχρι 40.0 κιλά
Βάρος θηλυκού μέχρι 30.0 κιλά

Features colors: Black with brown, kafekokkino, kitrinokafe, white and gray.

Type: Storage, pet.

Character: Swell, smart, energetic, loud, over-, kalotropos, kind, loyal and committed.

Hair: Short, thick and not soft.

Requirements: The hair needs a bit of care and not much sting. We need much exercise and protection from cold, human companionship and education.

It is suitable for: Storage and companion.

The breed was created by a German from which took the name in late 1860. The Louis Dobermann used some of the stray dogs to make a wild dog as possible and will protect the hours of work. The Ntoperman used as guards and dogs patrolling the First World War.

It is a beautiful and elegant dog, muscular and strong. The usual appearance of ntoperman is cut tail and ears stita something achieved by two interventions. This is forbidden in some countries and so the tail grows naturally and ears left natural.
The dog is the best guard to man. Active, very smart with strength and resistance attacks only when it considers that the family or home at risk. Of course, continuing education needs and socialization to be able to have a good relationship with children, but greater age, and other animals.



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