Large Dogs (20-40 kg)

Boxer (Boxer) Boxer (Boxer)
Brilliant, active, playful, loyal ... Briefly guard and the perfect companion for both children and adults. With him will never hurt you will not be a very tired and does not want so much care and love to clean and alone in the hair.
Wolf hound German Poimeniko - wolf hound (German Shepherd Dog)
This is a dog that if you take to get automatically a faithful and loyal companion. We will immediately love only you need to have is ... bit of space
Dalmatias (Dalmatian Dog)... Dalmatias (Dalmatian Dog)
It is a beautiful and smart dog, but need special education. From the nature of discipline and not so easily and is very lively. This will take the house must have a yard and ... ways of a face is quite sensitive and not like the ...
English Boulntogk (English... English Boulntogk (English Bulldog)
Do not take lessons from the appearance of this dog because ... you are wrong. It is a dog with a calm nature, loving, spoiled darling and sweet. Ideal for young children and a good keeper. But a dog that is very special care ...
Terie Bull (Bull... Terie Bull (Bull Terrier)
Chau Chau (Chow... Chau Chau (Chow Chow)
This is a
Glues (Collie) Glues (Collie)
The Kolei is one of the most beautiful breeds in the world that has become particularly known for the television series Lassi. It is big, kalokardo, playful and smart.
Ntoperman (Doberman) Ntoperman (Doberman)
It is an elegant dog, proud, intelligent and classy. Storage and partner needs an experienced owner to be imposed. Large and active as a spacious yard is needed to live.
Akita Akita (Akita)
It is a good and beautiful dog, faithful companion and best guard. It is to live in an apartment after the necessary space to run and athlithei. He wants education to do well with other pets and children.
Golden Ritriver (Golden... Golden Ritriver (Golden Retriever)
Beautiful, elegant, friendly and perfect companion for families with children. It is now after Lamprantor, the most widespread Ritriver. The race is particularly popular in the U.S. and the most beloved around the world.
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