Medium puppies (10-20 kg)

Baset Chaount Baset Chaount (Basset Hound)
A strapping dog with an amazing scent, which has a deep instinct and melodic voice, has great strength, is not aggressive but affectionate and friendly is certainly the best partner for all.
413.08  - 449.00 
French Boulntogk (French... French Boulntogk (French Bulldog)
495.88  - 539.00 
American Koker spaniel... American Koker spaniel (American Cocker Spaniel)
This dog is a favorite of the most popular breeds in the world. It is beautiful and externally and internally, and certainly ... you love to do immediately.
551.08  - 599.00 
English spaniel Koker... English spaniel Koker (English Cocker Spaniel)
This is a very beloved race around the world, combining good character, beautiful appearance and personality and intelligence. It is a pleasant companion.
403.88  - 439.00 
Sar Πέι (Shar... Sar Πέι (Shar Pei)
505.08  - 549.00 
Gouipet (Whippet) Gouipet (Whippet)
Terie Boston -... Terie Boston - Boston (Boston Terrier)
1149.08  - 1249.00 
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