Medium puppies (10-20 kg)

Baset Chaount Baset Chaount (Basset Hound)
A strapping dog with an amazing scent, which has a deep instinct and melodic voice, has great strength, is not aggressive but affectionate and friendly is certainly the best partner for all.
French Boulntogk (French... French Boulntogk (French Bulldog)
American Koker spaniel... American Koker spaniel (American Cocker Spaniel)
This dog is a favorite of the most popular breeds in the world. It is beautiful and externally and internally, and certainly ... you love to do immediately.
English spaniel Koker... English spaniel Koker (English Cocker Spaniel)
This is a very beloved race around the world, combining good character, beautiful appearance and personality and intelligence. It is a pleasant companion.
Sar Πέι (Shar... Sar Πέι (Shar Pei)
Gouipet (Whippet) Gouipet (Whippet)
Terie Boston -... Terie Boston - Boston (Boston Terrier)
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