Small puppies (<10 kg)

Giorksair Terie (Yorkshire... Giorksair Terie (Yorkshire Terrier)
This is a jewel dog, a dog for lounges. Small, smart, beautiful, independent. Obviously it is a pet dog in recent years is the most popular pets.
Terie Jack Russell... Terie Jack Russell (Jack Russell Terrier)
A pet dog that loves adventure, games and children. It is a happy, luscious and smart dog who would love immediately.
West Highland White... West Highland White Terie (West Highland White Terrier)
It is a smart, dedicated and strong dog who is now the favorite choice for many families and games company. Adapted easily to the department and the requirements are minimal compared to other breeds.
Beagle Beagle
This is a happy, lively and intelligent with an amazing scent hound. Because of the nature of the friendly attitude to children and adorable appearance, the Bigkl is now a beloved pet and a good partner.
Kavalier King Charles... Kavalier King Charles spaniel (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
It is a sweet puppy that you syntrofefei with love, kindness and tenderness. It is lively and playful, and certainly among the favorites popular pets.
Lhasa Apso (Lhasa... Lhasa Apso (Lhasa Apso)
The Lhasa Apso is a special dog. It has unique beauty and personality and is ideal to live in an apartment. These go well with the kids and enjoy the games with them. What we want from the owner is the company and the daily ...
World - Mops... World - Mops (Pug - Mops)
It has an incredible face to hide a great personality. It is a very smart dog, lively, playful, affectionate, friendly and very very spoiled darling. It is very good option for pet and pet for families with children and other pets.
Brown with white... Brown with white bow tie (Papillon)
The dog butterfly (papillon in French) as the call because the show is a dog with aristocratic appearance and good manners. It is quiet, polite, friendly, docile and quiet for this reason it is very good company of choice for families ...
Sikh Tzou (Shih... Sikh Tzou (Shih Tzu)
Apart from being a beautiful dog and has many qualities that will make you to love and to select a partner. It is patient, docile, friendly, not very gavgizei, easily trained, do not sting and has no requirements for long and frequent ...
Japanese Spitz (Japanese... Japanese Spitz (Japanese Spitz)
The Giaponezikos Spitz is an adorable dog. It runty but ... it has not become as big and conduct. It is very smart and a good partner.
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