Dalmatias (Dalmatian Dog)
It is a beautiful and smart dog, but need special education. From the nature of discipline and not so easily and is very lively. This will take the house must have a yard and ... ways of a face is quite sensitive and not like the ...

Dalmatias (Dalmatian Dog)...

Dog Character
Dog Height:3
Good with childrens:5
Good with other pets:4
Good for guard:3
Needs for run:5
Needs for care:3
Can live on apartment:2
Needs for space:4

Μέγεθος αρσενικού από 50 έως 60 cm
Μέγεθος θυλικού από 50 έως 56 cm
Διάρκεια ζωής από 10 έως 13 χρόνια
Βάρος αρσενικού μέχρι 28.0 κιλά
Βάρος θηλυκού μέχρι 26.0 κιλά

Additional names dog: Δαλματίας, Dalmatian, Carriage Dog, Spotted Coach Dog, Plum Pudding Dog.

Features colors: The basic color is white and black or voules kafekokkines. The more well formed are voules the greater the value of the dog in competitions made. All puppies are born white and voules appear later.

Type: As a guardian can only be trained to warn of any intruders.

Character: Sensitive, playful, with great strength.

Hair: Short, hard and dense. The sting of the hair more than 2 times a year for this reason and wants a lot of care. It is still allergic to a particular problem with the hair of the dog hair.

Requirements: Since the dog has a lot of energy on an ongoing basis and games and of course the big yard in which you have. Being emotionally attached to the bosses can not be left long alone. It also wants the temperature to live and not withstand the extreme weather conditions.

It is suitable for: Companion even for young children tracker.

It is one of the oldest breeds in old and used to keep the coaches (who was the transport of people) from robbers and other animals. Also dienye long distances alongside the wagons. The strength and love of horses and the people are today the main characteristics.

The dogs have become particularly Dalmatias known ladies of the cinema. Do not parasyreste but Dalmatias buy a dog does not meet the conditions you have to. This is because most who buy this dog to keep a year after leaving because they do not withstand the intense activity.
But none of us want to see stray puppies!



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