Kavalier King Charles spaniel (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
It is a sweet puppy that you syntrofefei with love, kindness and tenderness. It is lively and playful, and certainly among the favorites popular pets.

Kavalier King Charles...

Dog Character
Dog Height:1
Good with childrens:5
Good with other pets:5
Good for guard:1
Needs for run:2
Needs for care:3
Can live on apartment:5
Needs for space:2

Μέγεθος αρσενικού μέχρι 35 cm
Μέγεθος θηλυκού μέχρι 33 cm
Βάρος αρσενικού από 5.4 έως 8.0 κιλά
Βάρος θυλικού από 5.4 έως 8.0 κιλά

Additional names dog: Kavalier King Charles spaniel, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Features colors: There are monochrome red, black (unwanted white signs), the dual colored brown with white, black with brown and white trichroma with black and brown.

Type: Pet and play.

Character: Friendly, caring, athletic and aggressive way.

Hair: The hair is long and slightly wavy silk.

Requirements: The hair is needed and a common treatment is long and berdefetai easily.

It is suitable for: And game company. He likes to throw things and what to bring.

Today's race from the junction of King Charles spaniel with peke and global and officially recognized in 1945.

It is an ideal dog for the department for small and large company. He likes toys and caress and is quite lively and active.



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