Apricots Kanis (Caniche Apricot)
It is cute, smart, nice, pleasant and active dog. It is dog

Apricots Kanis (Caniche...

Dog Character
Dog Height:1
Good with childrens:5
Good with other pets:5
Good for guard:3
Needs for run:3
Needs for care:3
Can live on apartment:5
Needs for space:2

Μέγεθος αρσενικού από 28 έως 35 cm
Μέγεθος θυλικού από 28 έως 35 cm
Διάρκεια ζωής από 10 έως 14 χρόνια
Βάρος αρσενικού από 6.0 έως 9.0 κιλά
Βάρος θυλικού από 6.0 έως 9.0 κιλά

Additional names dog: Kanis - Pountl, Caniche - Poodle, Canishe.

Features colors: White, black, brown, gray and apricots.

Type: Company.

Character: Active, active, faithful, intelligent, friendly and independent and courageous.

Hair: The hair is thin, sgouro rich. Not sting and is easy to care.

Requirements: What is needed is common haircut and bath, plenty of food and sports.

It is suitable for: Companionship to families with children and appropriate for life in a city and not necessary in the courtyard house living.

The kanis known since the 16th century where they used to hunt duck and a very good swimmer.
The haircut, which is currently in kanis has fallen since then, which of course they did, for practical reasons and not for beauty. The tonsure then because the hair difficult to hunt, but left some points on hair to prevent cold.

Today kanis and pet dog is considered the national dog of France.

Smart, friendly, sensitive and loyal dog. Easily trained and likes to play with young children.



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